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Tbilisi and Georgia
Many travelers begin exploring Georgia with a visit to Tbilisi.  Tbilisi is Georgia’s historic capital city, and has been the capital since the 6th century A.D.  It was named for the hot springs that abound in the area, as the word “Tpili” means ‘warm’ in Georgian.  Tbilisi is the largest city in the country, with over one million inhabitants and is situated in the beautiful Mtkvari River Valley.  Being a main cultural, industrial, and social center of Georgia, it typifies the blend of cultures seen across the country, with a mix of architectural styles and inhabitants.
The city rises in terraces from both banks of the Mtkvari. In the old section are medieval buildings and courtyards, narrow streets, overhanging balconies, and the famous hot sulfur springs. The rest of the city has been extensively modernized.

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89 Beliashvili str.       0159 (Dighomi array)    -  near AMERICAN EMBASSY  Tbilisi, Georgia 
e-mail: hotel-texas@mail.ru   Tel:    + 995 32 2 54 06 77        Mob:    + 995 568 11 22 44

The elegant building has been specially designed to give the customers adorable, inspiring mood. Its original architectural style and impressive environment brings you the memory of the XIX century USA. The Hotel Texas is located up on the River Mtkvari, in the western part of Tbilisi (near USA Embassy). Wonderful for your holidays, meetings or conferences, the Hotel Texas offers you the full range of services, started with stylish, comfortable rooms, bar with billiards, conference hall ...

Courteous and multilingual staff is at your service for 24 hours a day in order to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

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